Where in the world was Victoria?

2012...what an amazing year! It will likely go down in my books as one of the best years ever. I couldn't have even imagined the fun I'd have, the things I'd learn, and the lifelong friends I'd meet when I decided to attend school at the University of Sussex in the UK. Europe holds a special place for me - it is my favorite place to travel to ever since my study abroad program back in undergrad. This year, I got the opportunity to explore the continent easily through the conveniences of EasyJet and other budget airlines.

By the numbers...

Lived in/visited: 
14 countries (Denmark, England*, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Morocco, Northern Ireland*, Scotland*, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Vatican City), 8 of which were new to me. 
*For the sake of distinguishing the different entities within the UK, I considered them to be individual countries for this recap.
3 continents (Africa, Europe, North America)

And here goes my recap of 2012...